Negotiation, Social or Corporate Events, Managerial Concerns, Soft Skills, Business Etiquette and Success, Professional Image, Elegant Leadership and even parenting concerns…

That’s where I come in

I’m Sherlyn, founder of and author of “Why Positive First Impression Matter?” with Etiquette IQ Assessment Bonus to help you become a savvy person and professional on your events and meetings and definitely be successful in your goals.

I’ll share you a secret..

No matter who you are or what you do, your manners will have a direct impact on your professional and social success.

I’m an accountant by profession. After I got married and moved here in Seoul, I got interested and had an advocacy in social skills and got interested to have my own start up, Molly Manners Korea. I help people to learn the fundamentals of etiquette and social skills and I do this as a Certified International Consultant and Trainer.

Still reading?

Here are few bits about me.

1. It was a destiny

Who would taught that an accountant will be an advocate for social skills and etiquette? My dream is to work in a top corporation in Seoul after I moved here from Manila. But it wasn’t easy. First, because of the language barrier, I’m not that fluent in Korean language. Second, their business culture is so different. To make it short I ended up doing the most in demand job for foreigners in the country. I taught English to elementary students. I observed and learned that the Korean Education system doesn’t give enough focus on teaching good manners. Being a mother of more than 100 students at school, I felt the need for character education to children. And the rest was history, I’m definitely in love in what I do now.

2. Writing is one my passions

When I was young, I had a lot of journals and diaries. My husband got a copy when we went back home last August. Perhaps, it was the reason why The Korea Times (a leading spreadsheet) in Korea got me be to be their manners and etiquette columnist.

3. I was once an actress

Like many, it was my dream to be an actress. So when I got the opportunity, I didn’t gave a second thought of saying yes when I was invited to be a guest in one of the programs of MBC (Multicultural Broadcasting Corporation). But the challenges like going to countryside travelling 4-5 hours plus the long hours of work to tape just one episode, I gave up. Yes I gave it up. It was not easy. I realized it’s not my cup of tea.

4. I like applying to call for proposal projects

It’s my dream to help others. And I learned that it’s possible; many countries and NGO’s are very much willing to fund it. Well, just this year, I got two grants in the two projects (entrepreneurship) I applied for. One is “Youth Empowerment through Entrepreneurship” funded by IOM and ASEAN Korea and other one is “Multicultural Development for Multicultural Women in Korea” funded by federal government (US Embassy in Seoul).

5. I feel like a super hero!

Yes! I’m a mother of three girls. Since we don’t have a helper, my work starts right after I send my kids to their morning bus and finished right before their bus arrive in the afternoon. Definitely no breakfast meetings. I’ve learned how to fly and do magic to be home before they arrive. Well on Thursdays, my husband is in charge! After my work, I directly go to our Seoul Toastmaster Meeting. Yes I’m a toastmaster. I love being busy, so aside from my start-up I created my own NGO to help my fellow foreign wives, the MWAK (Multicultural Women Association of Korea).

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